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How did we get here from Van Schoonderwoerdt?

If you are researching Van Wert or any of the allied names, welcome! It is my intention to collect here any materials which will assist a researcher of those names. This information falls into two categories: resources and descendancy charts.

The resources will include any mention of the Van Wert surname, under any spelling, in any source I find. These will range from census to town history, from family bibles to published genealogies,and from New York to California.

Under the descendancy charts for each immigrant ancestor I have posted as complete a descendancy as I have found. In several cases, the information spans from each immigrant ancestor and ends with the current email address of an individual researcher for that line.

With permission, I have also collected some of the lines from people on the Van Wertmail-list, the DutchRenderings site and other individuals into this overview.

If you have VW ancestors you would be willing to add to these charts, I'd be pleased for any contributions or for the opportunity to add your name or email address as a member of the family. I would also appreciate any corrections, whether typographical or expired links.

The names below are the immigrant ancestors of whom I am aware. In looking at the descendants of these immigrants, it is of interest to see how various branches have changed the surname through history from their beginnings.

Jochem Wouterszen

Rutger Jacobszen VanSchoonderwoert Updated Dec 18, 2000

Teunis Jacobszen VanSchoonderwoert Updated Sept. 23, 2006

Jacobin Van Wardt

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