Allied Names

Here are some of the surnames which have evolved from the families of the four immigrant ancestors: Jochem Wouterszen, Rutger Jacobszen Van Schoonderwoert, Teunis Jacobszen Van Schoonderwoert, and Jacobin Van Wardt. Some of these surnames, like the Rutgers group, are associated only with his descendants. Of the others, although there are patterns, there is no way to be certain--short of research--in linking a current surname to any particular ancestor.




Van Schoenderwert

Van Schoenderwoerdt

Van Schoenderwoerdt

Van Schoenderwoert

Van Schoonderwoerdt

Van Schoonderwoert

Van Note

Van Nort

Van Oort

Van Waard

Van Waardt

Van Waart

Van Waerd

Van Waert

Van Ward

Van Wardt

Van Wart

Van Weardt

Van Weart

Van Weerdt

Van Weert

Van Werdt


Van Weort

Van Wert

Van Whart

Van Woert

Van Woort

Van Wort

Von Wort



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