What's here and what isn't

VW names only Although my personal interest is in the women's lines that joined the family, here I have only followed the surname itself-- that is, the male line.

Wives Women are included only when they marry into the line.

Links When a line ends in an email or other address, that is a researcher-descendant of that line who you may contact for further information.

Query If you have questions about a particular line, or wish more information about any of the names listed, contact the researcher (or researchers) who are at the end of it.

Additions I invite any VW researchers to add themselves to these pages. And, if you have information to share, I'd be happy to do that. Please supply as much as you can of these for your VW ancestors:

1) Given name, surname spelled out, b. date & place, m. date & place, d. date & place

2) His wife, b. date & place, father's name, mother's maiden name

3) If any date is known by month (i.e.Feb) rather than the numeric (2), I'd prefer that.

4) And please provide whatever form you would prefer for email or postal contact.

Limits I plan to include no living people, and also will end each line with the grandparents of the submitter, for privacy purposes.

Allied surnames If you are interested in the surnames such as Conklin, De Voe, Crankheyt, Wiltsee, See, or Storm, families which have intermarried with Van Werts over time, visit the Dutch Renderings site. It is the homebase for this broader research. For the Quackenbush connection, visit the Quackenbosch - Quackenbush Family page.

Goal While not interested in rivalling the published VW genealogy material, I would like to help folks find their way to it, and to each other, for the benefit of us all.

Later The possibility exists of including fuller listings of the families at every level in a more standard genealogical form. I hope to cut my teeth on this modest effort to see if I have the mettle for this later task.

Jochem Wouterszen | Rutger Jacobszen Van Schoonderwoert | Teunis Jacobszen Van Schoonderwoert

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Updated April 4, 2001